castlevania v5 (PLEASE READ)

sad announcement, this might be the final update for a while, the "code" got a bit messy, tho that isn't the actual problem, the problem is that I have to buy the construct 2 lisence to continue my work, which I can't afford at the moment, and after I get the lisece my passion for this project might have been lost, but thats okay, it only means I'll start a new project, where I will use all my new knowledge to make a even better and smoother experience.


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Jul 27, 2017


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Yes... agreed

Dont give up dude! Its a really good game.

Maybe you can do in Unity3d :)

I was using unity before, but honestly, unity is too advanced for me hah

Cool, haha dont worry with that, unity is not too hard. You have already done a lot of hard work (the art assets). Maybe you can give it a try again.

Maybe you could do on another one. There is a lot of free options I think. Its a really cool game :)